SOUNDBOKS 2 Tailgate Speaker

What makes the soundboks 2 a good tailgate speaker?

SOUNDBOKS was born at the infamous Roskilde Music Festival. It’s designed and built to outlast the wildest nights and take anything an outdoor music festival could throw at it. Game-level volume, unrivaled durability, spill-resistant and enough battery life for overtime makes the SOUNDBOKS 2 the perfect tailgate speaker.

Is the soundboks 2 seek discomfort still on sale?

The Yes Theory speakers or the Soundboks 2 Seek Discomfort limited edition is still on sale as of August 13. Soundboks has recently released the ultimate limited edition portable Bluetooth speaker in collaboration with Yes Theory at a price of $949 and the package includes the Sounboks Yes speaker, battery boks, charger, and aux cable.

What kind of battery does soundboks travel on?

It is a portable audio system which means it is a travel speaker with no chords and a fully wireless speaker but there is also an option for aux input. Swappable battery pack made of Lithium Iron Phosphate that lasts an average of 40 hours so you can have your rechargeable loud party speaker running for days.

Which is the loudest tailgate speaker on the market?

The loudest tailgate speaker we have reviewed is without a doubt the New SOUNDBOKS. At over 210W of power and an incredible 126 dB of sound, there is no other speaker we have found that comes close. The SOUNDBOKS also looks badass and features two 40-hour removable, rechargeable batteries.


The sound delivered by the Soundboks 2 is epic. We bet that after one use you will be highly addicted to its music. From its external design to the intricate internal details, the Soundboks 2 is a great option. It’s durable and resistant to water. It features a lithium iron phosphate battery that averages 40 hours of operation on a single charge. The sound delivered is crisp, clear, and free from obstructions. If you love to listen to the bass in your music, this will be the perfect unit for you. It also features an excellent connectivity system that includes USB ports and an AUX cord input.


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