Sentry New Technology Fuel Stabilizer


The Sentry Fuel Treatment is a maximum stabilizer and a popular product designed for use on ethanol blends. Because of its ability to turn the damaging elements in fuel into beneficial components, this stabilizer is an excellent product for marine applications. It is a highly effective fuel treatment made of unique hydrocarbon technology, which helps prevent rust or corrosion in any engine or fuel system.

This fuel stabilizer contains elements that do not support microbial growth, but it increases lubrication and boosts power. When Sentry is burned in the chamber of combustion, there is a reduction in the carbon deposits on injectors, valves and pistons, which in turn increases mileage, reduces smoke, and eliminates fuel water problems. It can be used comfortably in lawn mowers, boats and more. Once the moisture content has been encapsulated, water is transformed into a flammable liquid. It is a great fuel stabilizer overall.


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