Roll-N-Lock BT220A A-Series Tonneau Cover

How does the Roll n Lock tonneau cover work?

The M-Series retracts into an 8-inch deep canister that leaves more of your bed available for cargo and other truck accessories. To open the M-Series, use the twist latch located at the rear of the cover. The cover will glide smoothly into its canister.

Is the Roll n Lock truck bed cover retractable?

Checking the box for unmatched convenience and quick access to your bed and gear. Roll-N-Lock’s M-Series retractable truck bed cover has a quick and easy install, and backed by a 3 year warranty.

Are there any retractable tonneau covers for trucks?

I. Are retractable tonneau covers waterproof? Yes, they are. The material used in the manufacture of retractable tonneau covers can be either or a blend of vinyl, polymer, LEXAN, and aluminum. These are materials that are weather-resistant and can keep moisture and water from reaching the inside of the truck bed.

How long does Roll n lock cover last?

All Roll-N-Lock covers are backed by a US-based customer support team, as well as a 3-year guarantee Installation varies by part number. Please select vehicle to see the specific installation instructions. The Roll-N-Lock M-Series has a 3 year limited warranty.


Don’t like a tri fold tonneau cover or even a rollup one? Maybe you’d be interested in a retractable tonneau cover. The A-Series from Roll-N-Lock is a neat-looking secure and easy-to-operate contraption that can be installed onto your truck bed in a cinch. There are four key positions upon which the interlocking powder-coated aluminum panels can be opened to give you the versatility as to just how much of your truck bed’s space is left open.

The hinges that connect the adjoining panels are also engineered for maximum protection, guaranteeing safety for your cargo whether you need protection from the elements or from your fellow men. Adding to its security is an integrated locking mechanism at the tailgate section, giving you peace of mind while on the road with precious cargo at the back.


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