Roadpro Self-Extinguishing Ashtray


The RoadPro is an incredible unit thanks to its detailed design, friendly operation, and durability. It seeks to make every smoking experience better than the last and lasts a very long time, no matter how often it is used. We love that the unit is designed to be versatile in its placement.

It’s easy to place the unit into any car cup holder of your choice. Besides its universal design and construction, this ashtray makes the disposal of your cigarette butts very easy. You don’t have to stub out your cigarettes before disposal; you drop them in and watch as they’re extinguished. The RoadPro X-Large is an excellent tool. It prevents any health issues that may occur with anyone who uses your car with you. If you need a self-extinguishing ashtray for your smoking needs, try the RoadPro X-Large.


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