Rightline Gear Truck Bed Tent


This product from Rightline is an interesting design that brings quite a few useful features to the table, many of which are primarily designed to allow for a very quick and easy installation. After all, if you’re on a camping trip that requires you to put up/take down the tent multiple times, you want each time to be as easy – and fast – as possible.

The first big feature to acknowledge is the fact that Rightline decided to omit a floor. This does make installation a little faster and also greatly lowers the overall weight (combined with fiberglass poles, this tent design weighs less than nine pounds).

The poles are also color coordinated with the pockets that they slip into, making install incredibly easy and straightforward. Strapping adds an extra layer of solidity, and the straps are coated in soft polypropylene to protect your vehicle’s paintwork.

A sky view vent allows decent ventilation (and a lovely view to fall asleep to), while the Rainfly can be quickly clipped over the tent to provide waterproof protection.


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