Retrospec Bicycle Basket

Where can I buy a Retrospec folding bike?

With a full line of bikes, accessories, components, and a philosophy of committing the best to its customers, Retrospec is a company to be respected. Their bikes can be purchased in bike galleries and online, as well as through their company website directly.

What can you do with a bike basket?

One of the handiest gadgets you can use when shopping is a bike basket. These accessories help with everyday travel by allowing you to carry items on your bike without much effort. Some bikes come with bike baskets, while other models do not.

What kind of bike is the Retrospec Speck SS?

The Speck SS is Retrospec’s foldable single-speed bike. It is equipped with a coaster brake, which allows a rider to stop easily by pedaling backward. Brake cables and shifters are unnecessary on this bike. It is easy to maintain, ride, carry, and stow away in small spaces.

How does a fixed gear bike work Retrospec?

When we assemble the wheel, we put the wreath on the chain side of the allowed to run with freewheel and on the opposite side the sprocket which turns the bike into a fixed gear bike. So if you want to use your bike as a fixie, you just have to turn the rear wheel on the side that has Fixed Gear.


There Is another best bike basket model from the Retrospec family; it is the Retrospec Toto Basket, a can basket made for your comfort and carrying needs. The Retrospec brand makes amazing products from unassuming materials. They ensure that all their raw materials are treated to enhance their sturdiness and durability, without forgetting about style and visual appeal. Their Toto basket ticks all these boxes and many more, which is why we recommend it for every bike owner.

This bike basket is made from woven cane, an authentic material which stays active day in and day out. It features a rectangular shape similar to baskets of old and comes with adjustable leather straps for secure handling and attaching of your basket to your bike. Installing this unit doesn’t require any additional tools, which is why we love it. If you like to ride to get your groceries, the Toto basket from Retrospec is an excellent basket choice for you.


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