Renthal C291 R3-2 O-ring 520-Pitch 114-Links Motorcycle Chain

What’s the average weight of a Renthal chain?

Highest quality non-O-ring chain in overall combined performance. Up to 19% higher tensile strength; average tensile strength of 8,220 pounds. Wear life index: 410. Rated for up to a 250cc bike. Weight (per 100 links): 3.54 pounds. Includes a clip-style master link.

When does Renthal chain and sprocket kit come out?

This is a residential delivery service, with deliveries Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 8:00pm. The Renthal Chain & Sprocket Kit includes ONE Steel Countershaft (Front) Sprocket, ONE Aluminum Rear Sprocket, and your choice of ONE Premium 520 Drive Chain, each with the following features:

What kind of bike parts does Renthal make?

The current parts portfolio covers a wide range of products for motocross, quad bikes, road bikes, and trials bikes. These market-leading products include handlebars, grips, bar mounts, levers, hand guards, chainwheels, chain, and brake pads. Our cycle product portfolio includes handlebars, stems, grips and chainrings.

Which is lighter Renthal rear chain or steel?

Renthal rear chainwheels are 33% lighter than steel yet incredibly durable. Hard anodized finish. Image is for reference ONLY, actual product will vary based on fitment and selection.


The Renthal C291 R3-2 O-ring 520-Pitch 114-Links Chain includes Nitrile ‘O’ rings to extend the chain’s life. The rings retain the unique vacuum-injected grease that is injected inside each joint of the chain. The chain is created using shot-peened alloy steel sides plates, giving it maximum impact load resistance and high tensile strength. Wear resistance is further increased by the use of high carbon alloy steel bearing pins, while corrosion is prevented by the gold-colored side plates. The chain is pre-stretched to enhance its performance.


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