Red line Super Coolant with Water Wetter


Last, but not least, Red Line’s ‘Super Cool’ coolant has earned our final spot. Blended with their patented ‘water wetter’, this high-performance coolant is the perfect fit for motorcycles, ATVs, karts, and more. The ready to go formula is simple to use — just pour and go for great, consistent results. Each batch has been blended with pure, de-ionized water, to prevent corrosion before it can do any damage to your cooling system. Thanks to the addition of corrosion inhibitors and lubricants, the versatile solution also helps to clean and lubricate pump seals, keeping them in great condition while you drive. In use, it significantly reduces the formation of bubbles and vapor, reducing the coolant’s average temperature by up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Unlike other coolants on the market, it’s made without glycol compounds. During testing, this innovative formula was found to be more effective when it comes to heat transfer, keeping engines at an optimum temperature like never before. Designed for use with all modern engines, the coolant is a great fit for cast iron, aluminum, copper, brass, and bronze cooling systems.


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