Rain-X Bug Remover

Does Rain-X really work?

It has no "Rain-X" effect. What does work exactly like Rain-X is Lucas Slick Mist. Above about 40 mph, there is enough airflow to just blow the rain off the windshield. Slick Mist also puts a sick, glossy shine on your car body, plastic, etc. Apply to a wet or dry windshield/car body and just wipe off.

How do you remove Rain X from a windshield?

The Easy Steps in Removing Rain-X Off the Windshield Step 1: Prepare to clean the windshield. Step 2: Wet the windshield with water. Step 3: Wash the glass with dish soap. Step 4: Rinse the windshield. Step 5: Treat the windshield with glass cleaner.

What are the ingredients in Rain X?

Rain-X’s primary active ingredient are polysiloxanes, the primary one being hydroxy -terminated polydimethylsiloxane. The polysiloxanes have functional groups that bind to the hydroxyl group of the glass surface. Rain-X’s submitted safety documents state that Rain-x is a composition of acetone and water,…

What is Rain X?

Rain-X is a synthetic hydrophobic surface-applied product that causes water to bead , most commonly used on glass automobile surfaces. It was introduced in 1972 by Howard G. Ohlhausen of the Unelko Corporation. Sep 28 2019


Our second entry from Rain-X, and this is another product formulated to tackle those pesky bugs. Because you have the Rain-X formulation here, you’re getting a great standard washer fluid as the base. So it has the streak free formulation and advanced water beading technology you expect from Rain-X.

To this has been added the power to tackle bugs and other types of grime the road can kick up at your windshield. That’s a pretty impressive range of features really, taking the original Rain-X with its water repelling abilities and adding a powerful cleaning agent. That could really help to keep your windshield looking great, and help to keep your vision clear in a range of situations.


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