RacorPro- Ceiling-Mounted Indoor Bike Rack

How does a racor Bike Lift System work?

The Racor Bike Lift is the perfect way to store your bicycle overhead and free up extra garage space. The Bike Lift uses a rope and pulley system that is mounted to your ceiling. Raise and lower a 50lb bike up to 12 feet by simply latching the hooks to the seat and handlebars and pulling the rope.

Is there a way to put a bike rack on the ceiling?

Pulley systems for bike storage are another ideal way to declutter your garage floor by using up free wall space above. They are cheap, easy to install, and can get your bike off the floor easily. The pulley system lessens the effort required to lift your bike. This means that even your child will be able to lift and stow their bike away.

What kind of bike rack can I use in my garage?

Flat-bike-lift is a ceiling hydro-pneumatic overhead bike rack for use in a house garage or any place where we park our bike. Load your bike to its holder and give a slight upward push to activate its lifting system. For a more multi-purpose lift to store not just your bike horizontally, but other things too, with a slight touch of a button.

Can a bike rack be used as wall art?

Mini Penny has us swooning for these inside, wall racks. It makes your bikes double as wall art and adds so much interest to the house! 9. Pipes We found this idea over at Etsy and couldn’t help but become inspired.


The RacorPro-Ceiling Mounted Bike Lift-Up to 50 lbs is a phenomenal bike storage system that can be installed on ceilings, so you can perfectly make full use of your ground space. It works with a rope and pulley system that enables you to effectively raise and lower your bike whenever you need to. This pulley system is able to raise and lower bikes weighing up to 50 pounds and once installed on your ceiling, it suspends as high as 14 feet while still being firmly and safely secured by a dynamic rope locking mechanism. This makes certain the rope will always hold firm and lock in place even when the indoor rack is not being used, thus erasing your concerns about keeping your space free, neat and roomy.

Setting up the RacorPro is quite easy, however, you may first have to drill into the ceiling and screw in a few bolts but it will surely be worth it when you finally have your bike safely put away overhead. This will ultimately take away the worries of finding the perfect position or ground space to place it. Every home with an indoor bike rack would most definitely need a strong, durable rack with a quality finish and the RacorPro does not disappoint with its solid steel construction on both the hardware and rope which measures 48 feet long. It is also extremely durable ensuring that you enjoy a safe, valuable and long lasting mechanism for your bike.                                                                                                                        


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