RaceFace Affect Bike Saddle

Are there any race face bicycle pedals left?

Only 1 left! Only 1 left! RACE FACE Atlas: 2 Titanium pedal Axles – 43% lighter! 3 Colors on choice! Only 1 left! RACE FACE Aeffect: 2 Titanium pedal Axles – 43% lighter! 3 Colors on choice!

How does the fabric race shallow saddle work?

There is a slight wave but it’s not aggressive and strikes a nice balance between locking the rider in and allowing movement. The real strength in the Fabric Race Shallow saddle is the design of the base. Fabric has gone for a flexible nylon base that provides plenty of shock absorption as it moves.

What kind of crank does race face use?

The Race Face Aeffect crank is designed to handle aggressive trail riding at XC crank weight and an attractive pricepoint. Features the CINCH system with its interchangeable spider options and a 24mm EXI interface spindle.

How many pins are in RaceFace Chester pedals?

Pedal Pin kit for Raceface Chester Pedals This pedal pin kit contains 20 sets of bolts/nuts for your Raceface Chester pedals. This pack is enough for 1 pedal to fully replace the pins. You’ve got 16 pins per pedal so you’ll have a few spares.


RaceFace are the manufacturer behind the next bike saddle to make our list. In contrast to the product above from Ergon, this product is a really stripped back design. RaceFace have done this for a number of reasons.

Firstly it is to keep the weight down, something they have very much achieved with this model, which is easily one of the lightest on our list. This saddle design is also much more of a low profile style. This is to help protect against snagging or catching your legs and/or clothes during riding.


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