Progressive Industries Smart Surge Protector

What do progressive industries smart surge protectors do?

Progressive Industries Smart Surge Protectors (SSP) are portable RV surge protectors with the added benefit of a built-in polarity tester. The built-in surge indicator notes the condition of the surge protector. Additionally, the polarity tester (dual line for 50 Amp) checks the status of the power source prior to use.

What are the different types of surge protectors?

Progressive Industries EMS-PT50X Portable Surge Protector 8. Progressive Industries EMS-HW30C Electrical Management System 9. Technology Research 44750 Surge Protector 10. Technology Research 34850 Surge Guard 1. Progressive Industries 313.1168 SSP30X Surge Protector

How does progressive industries EMS protect your RV?

Lightning can do a lot of damage to an unprotected RV! In addition, The Progressive Industries Electricity Management System (EMS) operates as both a surge protector and a real-time voltage monitor, while also giving you a real-time amperage usage readout. At a minimum, we recommend protecting your RV with a surge protector.

Is the RV surge protector safe to use?

Having our new portable smart surge protectors certified and approved demonstrates our continued commitment to safety and quality for our customers and the RV industry at large. WARNING: This product may contain one or more chemicals known in the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.


Progressive Industries earns the top spot on our list with its practical and affordable Smart Surge Protector. As the name suggests, this device is bristling with useful features: it not only protects your RV against electrical surges, but it can also detect any miswiring in the power supply that’s likely to cause problems. When this issue or a surge occurs, three colored LED lights will alert you to the problem.

It’s also tough enough to handle any unpredictable weather you might be exposed to, thanks to its rugged design, which features weather-resistant housing. It’s also thermally protected, to ensure that it won’t overheat during use. With its compact and portable design, range of features, and lifetime warranty, you can count on this protector. It’s available for RVs with both 30 Amp and 50 Amp plugs.


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