Pro Bike Tool CO2 Inflator for Mountain Bike

What kind of CO2 for Pro Bike tool?

We recommend only using premium quality threaded CO2 cartridges for ‘best performance’, such as PRO BIKE TOOL’s threaded 16g CO2 cartridges. Note: Using low quality CO2 cartridges with potentially poor quality threads and seals can potentially damage the CO2 inflator head and therefore ‘fail’ when most needed!

Which is better bike pump or CO2 inflator?

CO2 Inflator: for a race, group ride, gran frondo or timed event. Bike Pump: for commuting, bike packing, touring or leisure riding. For the ultimate ‘fail-safe’ solution, how about doing the same as us at PRO BIKE TOOL HQ, we carry BOTH.

What kind of inflator does a mountain bike use?

The AirBooster is a CNC-machined inflator that’s very compact and lightweight and designed to work with any threaded cartridge. It features a head that regulates the flow of CO2 to the tire, which means the gas doesn’t escape in one quick burst.

What should I do with my CO2 inflator?

Most CO2 inflators simply dispel all the gas from the CO2 cartridge in one go, which can be dangerous and lead to over-inflated tires. We always recommend ‘slowly’ releasing the gas into a tire to control potential freezing.


This CO2 Inflator efficiently and reliably delivers fast inflation when you need it most and, with the 1-Turn Valve System, can inflate a tire in seconds. Compatible with both Presta and Schrader valves, this inflator is small and lightweight enough to stow away in a saddle bag or cycling jersey pocket.

The inflator head is designed for ANY size of threaded CO2 cartridges and detailed instructions are included.  You should note, however, that this is not compatible with valve extenders. Easy to use control lever operation regulates the speed of CO2 release for precise inflation. CO2 cartridges are sold separately. Lifetime Warranty.


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