PowerMax Power Supply Converter

What kind of power supply does PowerMax use?

PowerMax sets the new standard for versatility and performance in a trim, light and easy to mount pedalboard power supply. PowerMax’s state-of-the-art design ensures your pedals will achieve maximum fidelity.

How big is a PowerMax PM3 DC converter?

The PowerMax PM3 Series are available in a wide range of amperage sizes, and with 24V, 48V versions and 12Vdc – 220Vac models we can fit every power requirement. PM3 Series Converters can also be wired in Series or Parallel to reach even higher power outputs.

Where does PowerMax get their inverters from?

Powermax is a leading solutions provider of Online UPS and Inverters, ranging from 1 KVA to 500 KVA. We take pride in manufacturing Inverters that are 100% ‘Made in India’, which have become household names in more than 50 countries worldwide.

How much does it cost to get a PowerMax Mac?

PowerMax is not responsible for typographical errors herein. *Heavyweight items excluded, total order must be $99 or more. Apple, the Apple logo, Mac, iPhone, IOS and iPad are trademarks of Apple, Inc.; registered in the U.S. and other countries.


The PowerMax camper converter is a premium offering from a company with 15 years of experience when it comes to these essential RV units. The PM3 35 is easy to install and has built-in mounting flanges and an AC cord that can be connected to any regular 110/120V outlet. You also receive a stable and reliable supply of DC power during your road trip and keep the batteries charged thanks to the three-stage charger. This unit is available in three different sizes ranging from 35 amp to 100 amp. Reverse battery protection is also included in this model and so is a smart current limiting feature that shuts down the unit automatically in the event of a short circuit or power overload.


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