PIE Epi Standard Ball Joint Kit

Are there different types of ball joint kits?

In other words, while all ball joint kits tend to have similar parts included, some of these parts are specially designed for larger vehicles, and some kits simply include more variations of the same type of component.

What do you use ball joint press kit for?

Ball joint press kits and service tools are perfect for removing and installing press-fit parts like ball joints, universal joints, truck brake anchor pins, as well as rusted and corroded parts.

Do You need A C frame for a ball joint?

Any ball joint kit worth your consideration will have a large C-frame press and a thick screw that can be threaded through said frame. Some kits contain larger C-frames than others, and these larger frames may be necessary if you plan to work on certain trucks, Jeeps, or SUVs with larger ball joint components.

What kind of ball joints does Summit Racing use?

Summit Racing carries high-quality OE replacement ball joints, heavy-duty ball joints, tall ball joints, low-friction ball joints, and more. Whether you’re an expert mechanic or just learning how to replace ball joints,…


If you are looking for a replacement ball joint for a Polaris model, then the Epi Standard Ball Joint Kit might be just what you need. The kit includes the ball joint, snap ring, rubber boot, washer and nut, and cotter pin. The high-quality part includes an inner ball cage and a relief hole for moisture. It is suitable for a range of models, including ACE, Magnum, Ranger, Scrambler, and Sportsman. However, as the easy to install component varies by model, it is important to ensure that your vehicle is compatible.


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