Piaa Aero Vogue Silicone Wiper Blade

What is the difference between Aero Vogue and PIAA wiper blades?

The silicone rubber is also twice as durable as traditional rubber, allowing them to perform better over a longer period of time. Plus, the Aero Vogue and Super Silicone blades are refillable with our wiper refills . PIAA wiper blades maintain a sharp, clean edge and offer better wear resistance in all climates .

What are the advantages of PIAA Wipers Over other windshield wipers?

The flat blade’s frameless design contours to the shape of your windshield to provide equal pressure points across the blade for even wiping, while reducing snow and ice buildup during winter. All PIAA wipers are subjected to durability testing.

Which is the best silicone wiper blade for a car?

1. Bosch Automotive Silicone Wiper Blade 2. Rain-X Silicone Wiper Blade 3. PIAA Si-Tech Silicone Wiper Blade 4. AERO Windshield Wiper Blade 5. Silblade Premium Black Silicone Wiper Blade 6. Beigaon Silicone Windshield Wiper Blade 7. Piaa Aero Vogue Silicone Wiper Blade 8. San Auto Windshield Wiper

What happens if a PIAA Super silicone wiper blade is suspected of being defective?

Some states do not permit the disclaimer of implied warranties. If a PIAA Super Silicone Wiper Blade is suspected of being defective, it must be returned to an authorized PIAA dealer for warranty inspection. Removal, installation, or reinstallation costs are not covered by this Limited Warranty.


Another single blade option, this PIAA wiper blade comes with a host of extra features – although this comes at an extra price. Slightly more expensive than many of the other options on our list, this silicone wiper blade still comes with excellent value for money. It’s very weather resistant and comes with the water repellent coating feature which helps to set it apart.

Its aerodynamic design is perfect for ensuring there’s no noise while you drive. However, you might notice that the design of this wiper blade includes the venting, and these may hold some water during heavier downpours – often leaving you with a streak of water after being used. It also struggles with removing dirt, according to reviews – so this may be better suited for commuters over longer rides.


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