Park Tool Home PCS-9 Bike Work Stand

Is the park tool home pcs-9 mechanic repair stand good?

Details The new PCS-9 offers Park Tool quality in an entry level repair stand for the home mechanic. The PCS-9 works well for many recumbents and bikes with odd shaped tubing. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

Can a park tool stand hold a bike?

Complete your home workshop with a Park Tool PCS-9 repair stand. By lifting your bike up from the ground, this repair stand will allow you to work on your bike with much greater ease, efficiency and confidence. Thanks to the adjustable clamping pressure and secure rubber jaw, this bike stand will hold your bike firmly and securely.

How tall is the park tool pcs9 stand?

Technical Details Color Blue Style PCS9 Material composition 100 Height 5 inches Item display length 39 inches 11 more rows …

What kind of handle does Park Tool PC 10.2 use?

The system uses a simple threaded handle that pulls a cone into the stand’s top tube. The tighter the handle is turned, the firmer the stand’s clamping arm is held in place. The 10.2 features a steel top tube where the old model used composite nylon.


If you’re looking for an entry-level bike mechanic stand, you could do a lot worse than this PCS-9 model from leaders-in-their-field Park Tool. It features a steel construction and a screw-type clamp, which fits tubes of 7/8” – 3”. The clamp has 360-degree rotation, and an adjustable height – although there’s no quick-release height lock as on the PCS-10 model.

Reviews indicate that this bike stand is stable and well-made, with a sturdy clamping mechanism. Several users have reported that the spring button is faulty (too short) and can come undone, causing the bike to sway and even fall over. If yours seems to be affected, contact Park Tool and ask them to send you the updated button to replace it.


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