PanaVise 301 Standard Bench Vise

What kind of circuit board does panavise make?

PanaVise is a major manufacturer of precision vises, circuit board holders, work holding tools and mini arbor presses. We also design and manufacture mobile electronics mounts for hands-free kits, GPS units, satellite radio receivers, mobile video screens, two-way radios, and mobile data terminals — if it’s electronic and mobile, we can hold it!

Which is the best vise on the market?

Get yourself the PanaVise 301 Standard Vise. It is the best vise designed for all your small projects around your home. With is a straightforward operation system which comprises of a single knob, this unit can move in through three different planes, rotating from 90 through to 360 degrees.

When did the bench vise first come out?

The History Of The Bench Vise. It’s a mystery who invented the very first form of the bench vise, but before it came to be, workers would simply clamp items together through the use of a wedge and hammer. The first version of the bench vise came about in the middle ages and used clamps with threads.

How big is the base of a vise?

Featuring a large anvil work surface, this vise rotates 120 degrees and opens up to four inches. Users rave about the two locks to prevent any unwanted swiveling on the base and the three lug nut holes that secure the vise to the work table.


Do you have a small project to complete that requires a secure hold yet you cannot seem to find an affordable vise? PanaVise’s Vise is ideal for small home repairs and hobbies such as jewelry making and circuit board wiring. Its most commendable feature is the single knob that offers three different head movements of 90-degree tilt, 360-degree turn, and 360-degree rotation.

The jaws can be used with heated products up to 200-degrees Fahrenheit and operates with intermittent heat of up to 300-degrees Fahrenheit. What we just love about this vise is its comparability with all PanaVise base mounts and the addition of three bolt circle, which means it can be installed without any problems.


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