O’Neal Women’s Rider Boots

Are there any new O Neal rider boots?

As of 2019, they are available with the new O’Neal logo on the front of the boots (below) or the traditional more understated logo as I purchased above. They are very similar to the popular O’Neal Element boot, but a little bit cheaper.

What kind of boots are O Neal element?

The last pair of O’Neal Element boots gave me about 8 years of trail riding use. Here is my O’Neal Rider Boots Review from my personal experience after purchasing and using the boots. The O’Neal Rider boots are an entry-level MX style boot with the quality construction of a higher-priced boot but at an affordable price.

Where are the TPU panels on O’Neal boots?

Around the inner side of the boot, there is a hard TPU panel for added protection, and some extra depth TPU over the inner ankle, which is a great feature as this area of the boots gets a lot of punishment from your bike’s footpegs and engine.

What kind of boots do dual sport riders need?

The sole of the boot gives a good level of grip which is ideal for dual sport riders who need a bit of traction on the muddy slippery trails for the times when you have to get off the bike to negotiate a tricky spot, and just walking in them.


Another brand we love and highly recommend is the O’Neal Women’s Rider Boots. Over the years, motorcycle boots have evolved in design, taking up new innovative features which allows them to perform better than they used to. One of the leading brands in the shoemaking industry is O’Neal. They have been in operation for years; thus, they understand the different needs of all women, concerning feet size, stability, and comfort. Their Rider Boots, therefore are one of the best women’s boots in the industry today. These are boots made from injection-molded plastic plates. The use of these plates is to ensure that you’re protected against all forms of impact.

These ladies biker boots come with a metal shank insert meant to add support to your step and also to reinforce the shape of your boot. For better closure, the shoes come with a snap-lock, four adjustable buckle system. The buckle is easy to operate, which is why many customers love purchasing these boots. To prevent any unstable rocking, the O’Neal shoes feature the famous and durable Goodyear welt sole system. This system is known for its balanced properties that help you to enjoy your ride.


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