Offroading Gear Synthetic Winch Rope Kit

What should I Cover my synthetic winch line with?

Protect your steel cover from water and your synthetic winch line from the sun! Synthetic winch rope should be protected from the elements as much as possible. Since most winches are mounted on the outside of your rig, your winch rope will constantly be at the mercy of sun, rain, and dirt.

Where can I buy synthetic winch rope online?

Our premium online shopping platform for synthetic winch rope and cut rope offers competitive prices. We are one of the largest distribution networks offering atv synthetic winch rope and synthetic winch rope from top manufacturers from China. Take a look at 25 Reviews and buy genuine products.

Which is stronger a soft shackle or a winch rope?

Our Synthetic Winch Ropes have a pulling capacity of one and a half times stronger than cable. Our Soft Shackles are made out of the same high strength synthetic rope as the winch rope and are considered a high performance replacement for the steel shackles.

What makes a synthetic winch line degrade?

Your winch rope will also degrade in ultraviolet light, which means that every day that the sun shines on your winch line makes it a little weaker. Some synthetic winch lines come with a protective coating that reduces UV degradation, but UV coatings wear off eventually.


Offroading have put together an excellent kit here, designed for anyone interested in… well… in off roading. That means you get a quality synthetic rope (more on that in a minute) as well as a useful rubber stopper and a very useful stainless steel snap hook.

The rope is the big stand out here though. At 95 feet you get plenty of length to play with, whilst the weight capacity of 18,500 Lbs is extremely impressive. There is also a quality protective sleeve included in this design here. That sleeve will work hard to resist fraying, overheating and slippage on the rope.


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