Oemtools Manual Oil Extractor

What can an oil extractor pump be used for?

This oil extractor pump can be used for marine motors, boat engines and automotive applications. Trusted and recommended by most boaters, this fluid extractor will have any engine cleaned out within 10 quick minutes.

What kind of fluid extractor do I Need?

The OEMTOOLS line of Manual and Pneumatic automotive fluid extractors are simple, yet powerful tools for fast, easy, mess free oil changes and fluid transfers. A must have tool for any DIY mechanic who services their own vehicle.

Can a manual oil extractor be used in a garage?

Sporting both pneumatic and manual modes, you will always have an option for efficiently evacuating bad oil. The pneumatic mode requires electrical energy to power the unit; this can be done in a garage or a workshop.

Which is the best oil extractor for a pickup?

The EWK Manual Oil Extractor Pump is the perfect choice for high-displacement vehicles such as pickups. Works in two modes – manual and pneumatic. It has a comfortable and safe design.


The OEMTOOLS 24389 Manual Fluid Extractor is definitely a great relief from draining out oil the `old’ fashioned way. It’s designed to ensure users enjoy a completely mess free, clean and stress-less evacuation process. With a 1.4 gallon fluid reservoir, this unit can take on a range of small to large scale jobs. It doesn’t just take out engine oil, but will also extract transmission fluids, lubricating oils, power steering oils, gear oil and coolants. Whether you’re using it for commercial or personal purposes, this fluid extractor is sure to suck out all the old oil leaving a clean empty space for a replacement. It’s used for a wide range of duties on cars, motorbikes, marine motors and even automotive and industrial machines.

Extracting both high and low viscosity fluids such as greasy used oil and water respectively, it is designed for a good number of tasks.  It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time taking on such a task; this unit has been made quite easy to operate. Included are 5 feet of flex hoses and two phenomenal dipstick adapters that serve the purpose of extracting the oil directly from the dipstick tubes. To ensure the reservoir doesn’t overfill, a shut-off valve safely stops the unit from pumping when the fluids have reached a certain level. For simple day to day extracting operations, the OEMTOOLS is a reliable choice.


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