OC Ramps Wide Quarterpipe

Can a half pipe be used as a skateboard ramp?

While grind rails and grind boxes may be welcomed additions to any backyard skatepark, no backyard skatepark is complete without a solid skateboard ramp. Depending on your budget, that skateboard ramp could be a full half-pipe, a mini ramp, a single quarter pipe, or just a kicker or two.

How to draw a transition for a ramp?

When you are making a ramp, you should only draw the transition once, then cut out the piece and use it to trace the rest of the transitions. First, draw a line (or just two points), that go along the width of the plywood that are 18" into the plywood.

What’s the transition from the quarterpipe to the ground?

4′ Quarterpipe: The quarterpipe transitions to the ground, so you start the transition from the ground instead of 6" up. Since you are starting from the ground you can afford to start less than 18" into the plywood and still fit two sides in each piece of plywood, this way the sides will have a larger flat top on them.


The OC company has come our way once more with another marvelous skateboard ramp for our beloved skating enthusiasts. Are you an expert skateboard rider, or you’re now about to learn the requisite skills?  This allows you to try and perfect as many skills as you possibly can, without feeling rushed or judged. The OC Wide Quarterpipe ramp is here to help bring out the expert in you.

This is a ramp that comes with an entire kit for installation. Found in the package are pre-drilled and pre-cut boards, which have been prepped to make installation a breeze for everyone. In addition to the pre-cut parts, there is an instruction manual filled with vivid pictures that are easy to understand and follow. Parts included in the kit are some pre-counted rust proof screws for joints and connections. Every piece of the OC stunt scooter ramps are made from the highest grade of hardwood and lumber, to enhance the durability of the unit. All metal parts are also galvanized for the same reason.


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