Oasser Digital Breathalyzer

How are breathalyzers used in the real world?

Breathalysers Andatech breathalysers help to measure your alcohol levels through the means of a breath test, conveniently. Tested thoroughly for reliability, durability, and accurate readings, our alcohol breath testers are used by individuals and professionals in various industries. Do contact us if you’d like any assistance or recommendations.

When did the first digital breathalyzer come out?

Several other manufacturers produced tubes without bags, however without the bag to determine a correct sample size the results were far too unreliable for law-enforcement use. In 1979 Dräeger produced the first digital breathalyzer, allowing multiple tests to be carried out far more accurately. Where does the word breathalyzer come from?

What are the best breathalyzers in South Africa?

ALCO-Safe is the major supplier of the high quality, portable alcohol breathalyzer test range from Lion – CMI world leaders in alcohol detection technology. Durable, reliable, fast and accurate alcohol tester.

What should I look for in a breathalyzer?

With a personal breathalyzer, you can ensure that your blood alcohol content (BAC) level is under the legal limit. To help you decide which device out of the thousands of breathalyzers on the market best fit your needs, we compiled reviews on the five best breathalyzer options on Amazon.


The advanced semiconductor sensor technology in this breathalyzer delivers your results in seconds so you can make informed decisions about your safety to drive. It comes with four mouthpieces so several people can use it and is compact in size.

The alcohol test is operated via a single button and has a three-minute auto power off function to preserve the batteries. It indicates a high alcohol level (over 0.08%) with an alarm and red light.


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