O-Cedar Professional Push Broom

Do you need a dust pan with an O Cedar broom?

Our O-Cedar® outdoor brooms are strong enough to handle heavy messes and wet debris so no mess is left behind. Indoor and outdoor messes are no match for O-Cedar® ‘s line of broom products. The addition of a trusty O-Cedar® dust pan is the perfect companion for your O-Cedar® broom, whether indoor or outdoor.

Which is the best push broom to buy?

We have selected the O-Cedar Professional multi-surface push broom to be our first and possibly the best push broom in this review. This broom is specially designed to perfectly clean not only one surface but many different kinds of surfaces. Also, this broom is quite convenient for everyday use.

What’s the difference between O-Cedar indoor and outdoor brooms?

Designed to sweep up everything from dust and debris to hair and fine particles, O-Cedar® indoor brooms will help you tackle any mess in high traffic areas like hallways, kitchens and bathrooms. Our O-Cedar® outdoor brooms are strong enough to handle heavy messes and wet debris so no mess is left behind.

Who was the inventor of the push broom?

In 1797, a Massachusetts farmer named Levi Dickenson made a broom for his wife out of sorghum tassels. This new broom was vastly superior to its predecessors. Word of his new invention spread rapidly, and he had trouble keeping up with demand. This prompted him to devote his time to inventing a machine to make brooms for him.


The O-Cedar Push Broom is a professionally designed cleaning assistant made for use on a wide range of surfaces. It is a 24-inch long push broom built to meet commercial-grade quality with help from sturdy and eco-friendly materials. It is the perfect tool for the cleaning both large debris and fine dirt particles, thanks to its sturdy inner bristles and soft outer bristles. The materials are 80-percent recycled; thus, this tool is regarded by many as a very sustainable cleaning tool. It is made for use outdoors and caters to different surfaces.

The O-Cedar outdoor broom is a very versatile tool by design. It features an anti-rotation socket system meant to prevent the broom from becoming loose while in use. There is also the Maxi-Lock Technology that works in combination with the socket, keeping your unit in place no matter how often it is turned and twisted. You can make use of this broom for the sweeping and cleaning of your sidewalks, garages, decks, and many other outdoor surfaces. The bristles of the O-Cedar broom are Memory Bristles, and they maintain their shape for as long as possible. Such longevity ensures that you receive outstanding sweeping performance any time you notice your porch getting a little dusty.


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