NoCry Heavy Duty Bucket Organizer

Which is the best bucket organizer for tools?

Your tool collection grows and changes over time, but the Husky Bucket Tool Organizer 46 Pocket Bucket Jockey Bucket Tool Bag will continue to be the only tool organizer that you need year after year. This single water-resistant organizer gives you 75 different ways to store all of your essential tools and supplies.

How do you make a fabric bucket organizer?

You will need to cut 2 circles of fabric that fit inside the bottom of the bucket. To do this I place the bucket on a paper and trace around it. Then I trim off about 1/4 inch all the way around and use that as the pattern. You will cut 2, because that will make the base just a little bit stronger.

What do you need to know about nocry?

NOCRY | Affordable Safety and Work Gear That You Can Trust. trust. Products that work as hard as you do. Designed for professionals, homeowners, and DIYers who demand high quality at an affordable price. Every person needs great work & safety equipment.

Which is the best socket organizer for Your Workshop?

If you want a storage solution that fits seamlessly into your workshop but is still portable enough to take on the road, socket rail organizers are a great option. You can add a rail organizer to most tool drawers and tool boxes, and the clip design holds sockets firmly, keeping them secure while in transit to a job site.


Another budget-friendly but durable and spacey bucket caddy, the NoCry bucket organizer is a great way to neatly arrange and store all your tools, devices, gear and accessories in one place. Whether you’re a mechanic, a lineman, a plumber or a car wash employee, this tool organizer can help you work faster and smarter.

The caddy is crafted from 600 ballistic canvas and reinforced with a waterproof material on the back that helps protect your tools from water, rain and snow. In other words, this is a heavy-duty bucket tool bag that is made to last for years to come. There are 35 pockets of various sizes, from small ones designed to hold nails and screwdrivers to large ones big enough to hold bulky tools. If you’re wondering where they’re located, 27 of them are on the outside of the bucket and eight of them are on the inside (these can hold larger tools). There are also five loops and one simplex style metal hook and strap for tape and other items. Of course, you’ll also have some extra space inside the bucket itself where you can store things that cannot fit inside the pouches.

The bucket tool organizer fits most 3-gallon and 5-gallon buckets and comes with a no-hassle guarantee, meaning if you don’t like or it doesn’t work for you, you can get it replaced or get your money back.


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