Nitto NT555R All-Season Radial Tire

How long does a Nitto nt555r tire last?

With these Nitto NT555R tires, engineers succeeded in designing a DOT approved, drag racing radial tire that would outperform all other drag radials, provide impressive control and handling, and still deliver up to 15,000 miles of tread life of normal street-driving use.

Can a Nitto NT05 be used as a drag tire?

For even greater drag performance, the NT05 max performance tire can be paired with the NT05R drag radial on the rear axle. When developing both product lines, Nitto matched the tread design and sizing to fit modern performance vehicles.

Why is Nitto nt555rii the Ultimate Weekend Warrior drag radial?

Featuring enhancements that go beyond the popular NT05R drag radial, the NT555RII’s sidewall construction has been specifically altered to improve 60-foot times. But that’s not all. Its large, circumferential grooves aid handling in wet weather, making it one of the a safest D.O.T.-compliant competition drag radials in the tire industry.

What’s the difference between the NT05R and nt555rii?

This differs from the NT05R’s large single center rib that’s designed to maximize traction and is completely different from the design employed on the NT555R. Further enhancing the NT555RII’s street cred, it’s a quieter tire than the other drag radials in the Nitto stable (the NT555R and NT05R).


Combining good load rating with an even better speed rating, the Nitto NT555R All-Season Radial Tire – 325/50 R15 114V provides all the requirements to enjoy a smooth and steady ride on the street without worry whether at low speed or high speed. This tire is a drag radial tire that is most suitable for the strip and street to give you maximum grip in straight-line acceleration and during takeoff. The design makes it adapt naturally to lawn surfaces without any damage to grass and puts itself up as a semi-slick tire that performs excellently when aired down.

It features a high block rigidity to give stable contact space for the best possible delivery and the race compound utilized is not sensitive to heat degradation and so allows for increased durability and even wear. This has been proven over and over again in real-life situations by those who have actually used the tire and also experienced its performance and so can testify for it without any equivocation. The tire also sports a reinforced semi-radial design in order to achieve maximum stability even at elevated speeds. Since the design aims at maximum performance in all seasons, it is versatile enough to allow for occasional street use.


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