NEXX Garage Smart WiFi Control Garage Opener

Can a garadget work with a Nexx garage door opener?

The Garadget fires a laser once a second at the door to determine whether it is open or closed.As with the product from NEXX, the Garadget must be hardwired to your opener. The catch involves the adapter. Generally speaking, if you have an older garage door opener, Nexx and Garadget will work with it straight out of the box.

Can a garage door opener be controlled by Alexa?

With Nexx Garage Door Opener, that garage door opening and closing could be controlled by giving voice commands to your Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant-enabled devices – just say “Alexa, ask Nexx Garage to check door” Nexx Smart Wi-Fi Controller NXG-200 – Remotely Control Existing Garage Door Opener with…

What kind of wifi does a garage door opener need?

Skylink Nova Wi-Fi Garage Door Controller The Skylink Nova controller operates up to two garage doors. The unit comes with one door sensor and you need one sensor ($20) for each additional garage door. The unit requires 24-hr 120V AC power and connects to the either the wall switch (s) or the opener (s) with 2-conductor bell wire (included).

How does a smart garage door opener work?

You can open and close your garage door remotely, or use geolocation features to automatically shut the door for you, so you don’t need to worry about having left it open. Controllers can give you a heads-up if your garage door is accidentally left open, so you can close it from wherever you are—even if that’s just the couch.


The Genie Aladdin Smart Garage Door Opener is one fantastic opener that we believe you can benefit significantly from. We love that the leading manufacturers of garage electrical manufacture this unit. The Genie brand is a globally recognized name in the industry. They focus on the needs of their customers and design each group to fit their current needs. Every item they produce is unique; thus, you are assured of high quality with every purchase. The Genie Aladdin Garage Opener features a Wi-Fi enabled garage door which can be operated via your smartphone and any other smart device. If your hands are busy, you can make use of the voice recognition systems offered by Alexa and Google Assistant.

The Genie Aladdin Connect Opener can control up to three different garage doors. The package comes with only one smartphone controller kit, but it allows you to monitor three different garage doors. This is possible when you purchase additional door position sensors, which are sold separately. Aladdin Connect will enable you to schedule your opening and closing times, such that your doors close after a particular length of time. The best feature is how easy it is to set the virtual key for your relatives, friends, and neighbors. Get to know as soon as someone operates your door manually, and if the person is an authorized user or not.


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