Mossi Leather Snowmobile Gloves


We’ve already seen a number of products that have included leather – both goat and cow – as a material in their construction. What they have done however is incorporate leather into a portion of the design, like the palms, to add extra toughness to the design. Mossi have seen that and said hold my beer.

The result are these, an all leather set of snowmobile gloves. Naturally, by taking leather as the base material these gloves are crazy tough. They are going to easily stand up to the physical trials of Snowmobile riding. At the same time, they will take advantage of leathers natural flexibility for a set of gloves that let you keep a certain level of dexterity.

100 grams of Thunsulate lining has been jammed inside for extra protection, whilst tough plastic inserts have been placed over the knuckles and fingers. These are designed to protect against wind chill whilst you are riding, a pretty cool feature to see.

There is no strap like with many other designs, instead an elastic panel is included in the cuff for a secure fit. Being all leather they are of course look awesome too, a nice little bonus.


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