Michelin Pilot Power Tire Set

What’s the formula for Michelin Pilot power tires?

Michelin Pilot Power motorcycle tires are the first series of tires to benefit from a rubber compound formula specific to competition tires: C-RAO (Compounds-Racing Optimization). with no compromise in durability compared to the current Pilot Sport motorcycle tire.

When did Michelin Pilot power 2ct come out?

“One message that we’re hoping to get across is that Michelin, which debuted two-compound technology for racing back in 1994, now offers a complete family of two-compound tires for sport and sport touring bikes. Your Pilot Power 2CT high-performance tires are for sport riding and track days.

Which is the best Michelin Pilot to buy?

The new MICHELIN Pilot Road 3, which targets the rapidly expanding Sport Touring Radial tire market, combines unprecedented performance with the marketplace’s best-balanced overall performance package.

What kind of tire is pilot power 2cT?

Pilot Power 2CT tires add two-compound technology to the already renowned Pilot Power range. While 2CT technology originated in MotoGP racing, Pilot Power 2CT tires are intended for the most demanding sportbike riders, who use their bikes both on the road and for track days.


Hey, remember that awesome tire we were talking about earlier, the one that combined the qualities of sports and touring tires? Not only did it do all that, but it also did it for a really impressive, entry-level price?

It was a very impressive tire, but it was a shame it was only available as a front tire. Well, what are you going to do huh? It’s a real kick in the – wait a minute here it is as a rear option too! Yes, just like the entry from Shinko we saw earlier, this style of tire – the ContiMotion – is available as a set of front and rear tires for your hog. They are just sold separately for some (annoying) reason.

Just as before then, simply scroll back up to the entry for the front tire to read all the benefits of this design. Just as with the Shinko, it’s also a little bit of a shame they are not sold as a dedicated set. That being said the rear tire is also an entry-level price point so buying both is not going to break the bank and it is a very good tire design too. 


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