MEIBEI Floor Scrub Push Broom

Which is the best push broom for smooth surfaces?

Lightweight Push Brooms for Smooth Surfaces A durable steel strip locks in bristles without the added weight of a wood or plastic block. Flexible, chemical-resistant bristles sweep away fine to medium dust and dirt on nonporous surfaces such as tile, wood, linoleum, and smooth concrete. Nonscratching Push Brooms for Smooth Surfaces

What kind of scraper to use with jobsite 24in push broom?

Jobsite 24in Multi-surface Push Broom with Stainless Steel Scraper . Get the convenience of two tools in one with the Jobsite 24 in. Push Broom with Stainless Steel Scraper. Use the durable scraper blade to remove dried on messes like mud, caulk, and glue.

How big of a brush head do you need for a push broom?

Large floors take a long time to clean if you don’t have the right size of brush head. Smaller heads that run around two feet mean you will be spending tons of time and effort cleaning a surface. Instead, the 36-inch brush head found on the Super Sweep 36′ broom will maximize the coverage so you can get the job done faster.

What kind of brooms do imperial supplies have?

Imperial Supplies® carries a large selection of push brooms, angle brooms, corn brooms and lobby brooms. We offer broom heads, broom and dust pan sets, and broom head and handle sets. No matter what floor needs to be swept, our brooms are sure to do the job.


The Meibei Floor Scrub Brush is another great option. It is one of the few models available built with strict adherence to science. Using this scientific concept and the need to make every broom comfortable, the Meibei brush is highly ergonomic in build. There are no complaints by users of knee or back pain while undertaking house chores. There is a threaded connection between the brush head and brush handle, which makes it extremely difficult to loosen. The Meibei push brush is lightweight and easy to transport from one part of your home to the other. It features durable polypropylene fibers, which resist stains and avoid scratching of your surfaces while removing unwanted debris and dirt. Concerning durability, you can be confident that your bristles will last long, even with regular usage. 

The Meibei shop broom can be personalized to suit your needs. The stainless handle it comes with can be attached and removed easily, and can be adjusted to suit your height and save your knees and back. You can work with this brush when it’s dry or wet, and it’ll still provide the much-needed performance. Such versatility makes it well suited for use on your sidewalks, bathrooms, garages, and kitchens. The Meibei push brush comes with a one-year warranty and an outstanding customer service.  


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