Measurements Limited Park Zone PZ-1600 Precision Parking Aid

How does a park zone parking system work?

Park-Zone provides a solution for parking in crowded garages or for people who have difficulty with depth perception. The product installs with just 4 screws (supplied). You park your vehicle in the desired location inside the garage, press the button on the top of the unit and the system is ready.

What is the minimum distance between a pz-1900 sensor and a car bumper?

Most of the reviews are favorable for either the PZ-1900 or the PZ-1600. Two operational aspects which are important are: The minimum distance from the sensor to your car bumper must be at least 1’ 4” (16 inches); and there must be no obstructions to the left/right of the sensor for about 3 feet.

What is the function of a parking sensor?

The function of a Parking Sensor Car or simply a LED Reverse System or a Backup Radar is very simple, it’s a remote aid for parking for those cases (mostly in reverse parking, but there are front sensors too) where you cannot physically see obstacles.

How does the park zone tell you when to stop?

Park Zone will tell you when your vehicle is about 8 feet from the wall by illuminating a yellow light. When you reach the desired distance, the red light visually indicates that it’s time to stop. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later.


After some pretty low tech options, the next parking aid to make the list is this high tech beast from Measurements Ltd. Rather than a laser parking assist however, this model uses ultrasonic sound waves to help you park your car – see, we told you it was high tech!

The two units are mounted to the wall with screws. The sensor is mounted roughly level with the front of the car, the second mounted somewhere you can easily see it. Once you’ve set it up, the next time you come to park it will activate instantly, whilst the sensor throws out ultrasonic sound waves to detect the car, the other unit first flashes a green light to indicate the device is working. The green light turns to amber (orange) when the car is within 8 feet of its perfect parking spot, then turns to red to tell you the car is in position – so don’t go any further!

Installation and set up are both very simple, and the device runs on simple AA batteries too, which makes it all even easier. It is small and discreet, easy to set up and even easier to operate. With a price tag of around 20 bucks it is easy to see why this is one of the more popular parking sensors on the market today.


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