McKee’s 37 Windshield Washer

Can a Mercedes windshield washer be used in a Ford?

What this means is that this windshield washer has been created and manufactured by Mercedes Benz for use in Mercedes Benz vehicles. Don’t worry though; it won’t melt the washer reservoir in a Ford, you can use it in any vehicle. If you do, then you are of course getting a premium product here.

Where does the fluid go in a windshield washer?

The fluid is sprayed out from small nozzles on the wipers. It allows people to go from low visibility to high visibility in seconds, without even giving it a thought. They are also reliable systems that generally require little maintenance except replacing the wipers and replenishing the fluid.

Can you add cold weather cleaner to windshield washer fluid?

Mix thoroughly by shaking the container. Drain any warm weather washing fluid before adding the cold weather cleaner. If there is enough warm weather fluid left, it may dilute the alcohol in the cold weather cleaner. If the alcohol is diluted enough, the solution will freeze.

Which is the best hose for windshield washer?

Get an exact fit for your vehicle. Notes: Front. Nozzle to nozzle Notes: Front. Nozzle to nozzle Notes: Front. From washer pump to tee Notes: Front. Tee To Nozzle.


If you tend to drive a lot in cold conditions, this windshield washer fluid is specially designed to stop your car from icing over, which helps to improve your safety and reduces your risk of getting involved in an accident. The solution is hyper concentrated, providing over a gallon of washer fluid. And this means that you are unlikely to need to buy another bottle anytime soon, which makes it a smart choice economically.

You either have the option of mixing it with your existing windscreen washer fluid or with water to create the solution to wash down your windscreen. One thing that many car owners are concerned about is potential damage to their paint or the surrounding trim of their vehicle, but this fluid promises not to damage either of them, so you can continue using it without worry.


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