Master Appliance Heavy Duty Heat Gun

What can a Master heat gun be used for?

Master heat gun power tools are used for drying, heating, shrinking, as well as a variety of other applications. Wherever heat is needed, Master Appliance has the heat gun for the application.

Which is the best heavy duty heat gun?

Industrial quality and high performance, the Master Heat Gun is the overwhelming industry choice in heavy duty industrial h Click here to learn more. The Master Heat Gun is the result of 60+ years of leadership in building rugged, reliable heat guns.

Which is the best surface temperature control heat gun?

The Master Proheat surface temperature control heat gun is a h… Are you in need of a high-quality heat gun for a wide range of applications? Master Appliance may have just the solution you need to complete fabrication or repair projects easily and quickly.

Where can I buy a Master Heat tool?

Today’s Master heat tool products are designed with expanded capabilities which make it easy to work with the growing range of new materials, processes and applications being developed by industry. Master heat tools are sold worldwide through a network of Authorized Stocking Distributors.


This is our second DeWALT model to make the list, and it is pretty much a paired down, more simple version of the one we saw above. So for example, the model above had variable temperature controlled via a built in LCD screen. This model also has variable temperature, however the thermostat style twist dial mounted on the rear of the device controls it. You can still adjust the temperature therefore just without the same accuracy.

The accompanying accessory pack is also a little smaller, comprising just two nozzles. You do get a very useful metal hanging hook with this model though. That gives more storage options, and also makes it easy to hang the tool up to cool down after use. The temperature range on this tool is also very impressive, as it goes from as low as 120 all the way up to 1100 Fahrenheit. That is a great temperature range that will be enough for a wide range of tasks.

Another benefit of this being a more basic model is that your credit card will be much happier. The tool will set you back around 70 bucks, making it considerably cheaper than the other DeWALT we looked at. It’s up to you to judge however if too many premium features have been cast aside in order to reach that lower price point.


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