Lotos Power Plasma Cutter

What can you do with a Lotos plasma cutter?

Its Pilot Arc feature makes this tool very effective for any operation and enables it to be used with rusted or painted metals. The LTP5000d Lotos is also convenient for cutting small pieces of metal. Equipped with a small and moveable torch, the LTP5000d allows the user to cut small pieces of metal easily.

Which is the best plasma cutter for cutting metal?

Featuring the fastest frequency inverter technology IGBT, the Lotos LTP5000D offers all the features that a cutter needs to have. Cutting any metal with this machine is like cutting butter with a sharp knife.

How big is a Lotos 40amp air cutter?

Lotos LT4000 40Amp Air Plasma Cutter, 4/9 Inch Clean Cut, 110V/120V Input with Per Installed NPT Quick Connector, Portable & Easy Quick Setup Metal Cutter. . . Only 6 left in stock – order soon.

Is the ltp5000d plasma cutter easy to use?

Easy Set-Up – The LTP5000D plasma cutter is easy to use and doesn’t need much assembling. The easily understandable installation guidelines in the user manual will help you set it up and then all you need to do is wire the power plug and properly ground the machine. You can easily start cutting by pressing the torch button.


We kick off the list with this product from Lotos. It is not the most powerful amp cutter on the list, but it is certainly one of the smallest.

That being said, it is still capable of kicking out up to 50 amps of cutting power. When converted to heat, that makes for a torch that can handle cuts of up to 1/2-inch in a wide range of materials. We’re talking about stainless and alloy steel plus copper and aluminum.


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