Loctite Rearview Mirror Adhesive Kit

What is the best adhesive for rear view mirror?

Rugged Ridge 11021.01 is the best rear view mirror adhesive on the market. It can be used to bond many materials, and is extra strong and fast-acting.

Which glue works best for a rear view mirror?

1. VersaChem 11109 Rear View Mirror Glue. Available in 1-pack, 6-pack, and 12-pack, this adhesive has received numerous excellent reviews from its buyers. It comes with detailed instructions, which make it easier to use and apply. A few features of this adhesive are below: It is extremely strong and does not come off even after months of use.

What is rear view mirror adhesive?

The 3M rear view mirror adhesive is among the most popular brand’s thanks to its professional formula that bonds the mirror to the windshield permanently. It is a 2-part structural adhesive, which is specially designed to bond two non-porous materials together.

What is mirror adhesive?

LIQUID NAILS ® Mirror Adhesive (LN-730) is a high solids, moisture-curing adhesive designed for use in conjunction with mechanical fastening systems for the installation of mirrors to walls.


Also created specifically for the attachment of rearview mirrors, the Loctite 37438 Rearview Mirror Adhesive Kit rivals competitors with the extra strong bond it creates. As long as you follow the instructions, the application is a relatively easy process of cleaning the required surface and applying the glue. Once dry, the adhesive comes out clean and clear leaving no trace except a well attached rear view mirror that will not budge for years.

When purchasing this product, keep in mind that it will not bond other types of materials. The Loctile adhesive will not work on plastic or ceramic. Keep into consideration the following when applying: the surface is room temperature, the surface is clean and primer has been applied, and the primer has dried. When using, there is only need for a few drops of the substance. Once you have attached the rear view mirror hold it against the glass for about 30 seconds and it should hold after that; however, make sure to allow it rest for at least 24 hours.


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