Liberty Imports Cartoon Race Car Radio Control

Where can I listen to Liberty News Radio?

Buy one here: Look in the Roku Channel Store’s Special Interest Section for the free Liberty News Radio channel. Or, try this link !

Where can I buy Liberty performance engine parts?

Our engine car parts are sold at rock-bottom internet pricing from extra inventory for our dealers.

What kind of remote control does a cartoon car have?

Designed as a child’s first remote control toy, this cartoon car comes with a steering wheel shaped RC controller with only 2 buttons for easy simplistic control. ✅ SAFETY DESIGN: Non-toxic ABS plastic construction with soft edges as well as soft remote antenna for safety and injury prevention.

How to control a RC race car remote?

✅ REMOVABLE FIGURES: The race car comes with 3 removable driver figurines that your kid can put in the driver’s seat or play with on its own for even more imaginative excitement during playtime. ✅ EASY TO CONTROL: 2 Channel remote control for forward and reverse left.


One of the most recommended kids remote control racing cars on the market today is the  Liberty Imports Control Toy. Recommended for children aged above 18 months, this is a fast and fun toy with a fresh design and sleek wheels, crafted for a stimulating experience. It features honking sounds, flashing headlights and music, and makes a lightning fast and fun toy your child can race with. On the remote control, there is a button that can be pressed to initiate the light and sound effects for an even more realistic driving experience.

Upon purchase, these toy cars for kids feature three removable figurines that provide an even more imaginative excitement during your child’s playtime. The remote of the Liberty Control toy makes this product a perfect first remote controlled toy for your child. For simple control, the cartoon vehicle comes with an RC controller shaped like a steering wheel, having only two buttons. The car itself is crafted from ABS plastic, features soft edges as well as soft remote antennas that help prevent injury and promote safety. It’s a cute and stylish toy that can be played within and out of your home with ease.


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