Kinbelle Motorized Bicycle Kit

What kind of bike does kinesis make?

Kinesis had made award-winning bike and bike frames for over two decades. Whether you’re a road rider, mountain biker or cyclocross racer, Kinesis has a vast range of bikes and frames to suit your discipline. Fortunately, we stock a huge range of Kinesis bikes, frames and forks at ProBikeKit USA, so you can find the perfect tool for the task.

What kind of Bike Kit do I Need?

DORTALA Bicycle Motor Kit, Upgraded 80cc 2-Stroke Bike Gasoline Motorized Gas Engine Bike Motor Conversion Kit, with 2L Oil Tank & CDI Ignition, Motor Engine Set Fits Most Motorized Bikes, Speed Up to 50km/h, 2000W . . . . .

What makes the velomobile kit so easy to build?

The Velomobile kit contains all the necessary parts. Including all the required nuts and bolts. The completely new design makes it easier to build then it’s predecessor; the traditional Alleweder. The key improvement of the construction is the frame. This frame is made of beautifully machined 8mm aluminum.

Can a tricycle be converted to an electric bike?

The electric bicycle kits above are mainly for mountain bikes, 2 and 3-wheel recumbent bikes, road bikes, bakfiets, cargo bikes, folding bikes and any other 2-wheeled bike. We offer a 3-wheel electric tricycle conversion kit for adult upright tricycles.


One of the best features of this bike motor kit is that it has a single-cylinder, air-cooling, 2-stroke gasoline engine that emits a low noise. With this engine you are able to ride your usual bike the same way with pedals or use the motor when the roads get too difficult. This electric bike kit can actually reach speeds of up to 55km/h which gives this kit some serious horsepower. This kit fits most bikes but always be sure to measure before you buy.


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