Killswitchcentral Automotive Kill Switch Kit

Where do I put the Kill Switch on my car?

To install this on your car, you will need to go under the car and find the fuel line.

What kind of kill switch do I Need?

The switch will work for any car/truck made from 1900 – 2018. We also have kill switches for most year vehicles, please email us for the availability. The kill switch kit will include: 1 mini-toggle switch, wire, and 10 minute installation instructions.

What do you need to know about summit kill switches?

Kill Switch, Normally Closed, Tether, Dash Location, Black, Electronic, Points, Each Kill Switch, Normally Closed, Tether, Red/Black, Handlebar Mounting Location, Each Kill Switch, Universal, Normally Closed, Tether, Red/Black, Dash Mount, Each

Are there any kill switches for electric cars?

Our kill switches have been 100% proven effective against auto theft. This custom kill switch will work with your factory or aftermarket alarm systems. We currently do not have any kill switches for Hybrid electric vehicles.


Another cheaper option that is possible the most secure of all, this kill switch kit will stop thieves in their tracks, literally. These work by stopping the electrical current that runs from your ignition, into the most vital parts of the car, such as the fuel pump. Working only when the correct key isn’t used, this system can stop your car from being stolen without the need for expensive additions or visible deterrents.

With no damage to your car or engine with this option, this kill switch works on almost any vehicle without the need for electrical or mechanical experience. There are many easy how-to guides that are easy to follow, although if you are nervous with these types of experiences, it might be worth getting a mechanic to install it, for your peace of mind.


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