KevianClean Quick Wax Car Detail Spray

What are the best spray-on car waxes and how do they work?

Shine Armor’s Fortify Quick Coat is a ceramic wax and polish combo that dozens of verified buyers confirm lasts long, repels water, and gives an impressive shine. It also cuts dirt and grime, protects from UV rays, and goes on all types of vehicle surfaces without streaking.

Can a Quik detailer be used to remove wax?

Quik Detailer is not formulated to remove wax and in fact it and all of our mist and wipe products offer extreme lubricity to help you remove light dust, fingerprints and smudges without removing the wax coating. You’re in good hands when you use ANY of our mist & wipe quick detailers and if you think about it you really only have three options…

What are the best car waxing products available in the market?

Made with a long-lasting synthetic hydrophobic polymer, users report that it keeps water beading off longer than other products on the market, even after a few months after it was used. The company says it will give cars a deep and mirror-like shine, and it won’t leave a white residue on trim pieces that aren’t painted. 2. CarGuys Liquid Wax

What does ez wax premium ez detailer spray wax?

Premium EZ Detailer takes the place of several care car products from other leading manufacturers. This is an all in one car cleaner and wax with Carnauba that will save you time and produce amazing results. Best of all, it is non-abrasive to reduce swirl marks and imperfections in your car’s finish.


If you prefer to make a quick and easy application of wheel wax after a clean, then this spray is ideal for your needs. While being a relatively expensive option when compared to others on this list, it has repeatedly come up as a customer’s favorite, thanks to its ease of application and lack of focus required when using. It’s also surprisingly powerful and quick to dry, making it easier to fix up and get back on the road.

Made up of a plant-based formula and completely eco-friendly, this is a good option if you’re looking for quick top-ups between more detailed cleaning and waxing. It is, however, much thinner than many of our other options, which doesn’t make it a great choice for when you need a good level of protective sealant on your rims.


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