Jensen Multimedia Touch Screen Stereo Receiver

Where can I buy a Jensen car stereo? has the latest Jensen car stereos that put endless possibilities at your fingertips. Their line-up of digital media receivers has numerous available features, including receivers with CD players, DVD players, satellite radio, USB screen mirroring and much more.

How does the Jensen 10.1 " multimedia receiver work?

The large display is easy to navigate and makes managing your music and apps effortless and convenient. The Extra-Large screen is adjustable allowing you to dial it in to the perfect angle. Installation screws lock the screen at the customized angle without requiring you to readjust it for each use.

How does the Jensen touch screen RV stereo work?

AM/FM tuner picks up radio stations. jControl App lets you use your phone to control the stereo functions. This high-tech wall mount stereo has 3 speaker zones and offers dual source audio control from any smartphone with jControl. Engineered to maximize the sound of campers favorite tunes with 8 speaker outputs and a subwoofer output.

How to remove Jensen touch screen stereo unit?

If you mean that you are looking for the din sleeve removal tool to slide between the metal frame and the unit, we don’t have that tool available separately for security reasons so you will need to find another thin metal piece to remove it in that manner.


This model from Jensen comes with a price tag about twice as much as the Boss Audio product, but it’s still somewhat toward the lower end of the scale.

It lives up to its name, bringing with it the ability to use a number of playback formats – CD, DVD, Bluetooth connectivity, and pretty much anything you can think of. The screen size in particular is impressive, a 6.2-inch LCD monster that is especially useful for DVD playback.

So, it’s shame that in any mode other then DVD, the display is pretty boring. That’s especially true in Bluetooth playback mode where there is virtually no visible display at all. That seems like a bit of a shame given the effort that Jensen went through to cram such a big and bright screen into the stereo.

Still, it does pretty much everything you want from a touch screen car stereo, and while it may not do it with the flair of more premium brands, that midrange price tag makes this a very appealing model.


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