Jackson Safety Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Which is the best Jackson Balder welding helmet?

The Jackson Balder BH3 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet 37191 is the premium helmet in the Jackson Balder line..Although it has many of the same features as the wh40 helmet the auto darkening lens in the BH 3 is designed for better visibilityand color recognition and also has a superior angle of view.

Why do Welders use Jackson safety auto darkening?

This means it gives the welder the flexibility to see clearly at many different angles, quick adjustment and refocus time, and superior optical quality to allow you to do your most creative and productive work. Select the right ADF for your application

How big is the view on a Jackson insight welding helmet?

Jackson® Black Insight® auto-darkening welding helmet features variable shade 9-13 lens with digital controls. It has four arc sensors and can be set in weld mode or grind mode. The large 3.93" X 2.36" viewing area also comes standard with sensitivity and delay settings.

Where can I buy an auto darkening welding helmet?

Welders Supply is a leading provider of high quality auto-darkening welding helmets and accessories, providing welding professionals and beginners alike with all the protective gear the trade requires.


As far as welding helmets go, this is definitely one of the greats. The brand itself is an epitome of safety gear. Based on that, it is no surprise that the Jackson Safety Insight Variable Auto Darkening Welding Helmet is such a model product. One of its main selling points is that it is incredibly straightforward to use. The easy to use digital control make it the best option for users and expert welders alike.

That feature can only be topped by the perfect size of its viewing area, altogether it measures 3.93 inches by 2.36 inches. Thanks to this attachment users have an unobstructed view of their work at all stages of the process.


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