Interdynamics Cooling System Water Leaks UV Dye

Is it necessary to use UV dye on coolant?

The UV dyes are not really necessary for coolant leaks, although they might make a leak easier to see….BUT… will need a UV torch to see a leak to best effect. UV dyes are often used for air- con leaks, although as kits or bottles they can be expensive. Think about it for a moment.

How is Interdynamics UV leak detection kit rated?

Read reviews for Interdynamics UV Leak Detection Kit When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. 4.7 out of 5 stars.

What kind of dye is used for coolant leaks?

Coolant Dye LeakFinder® offers fluorescent dye for all conventional coolants (LF3001/LF3008). These dyes are useful for locating leaks in radiators, hoses, heater cores, water pumps, and fittings. The LeakFinder® coolant dye fluoresces green and is compatible with all leak detection flashlights.

Which is the best dye for air conditioner leak detection?

Universal A/C Dye LeakFinder® ultraviolet fluorescent universal dyes provide the most precise leak detection for all automotive air conditioning systems containing R-134a, R-1234yf, or other widely used refrigerants. These specialty dyes can be safely added to the system.


This product won’t fix a radiator leak but it will almost certainly help you to discover where or indeed if you have any leaks in your system. By adding the Interdynamics Cooling System Water Leaks UV Dye it will help you to locate where the leaks are.

This is a professional grade product that contains just one application of radiator/engine cooling system UV leak detection dye. You’ll need to buy additional products to use it through such as a UV black light. It’s safe to use with all vehicle makes and models except the 1996 and newer GM models that use DEX-COOL coolant. This product is also suitable for use with all types of antifreeze except the DEX-COOL coolant.

The Interdynamics Cooling System Water Leaks UV Dye is a very reasonably priced product that has a lot of positive reviews. Just be mindful that it is a dye and it will stain your skin on contact!


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