Interco Swamp Lite Tire

What kind of tire is Interco swamp Lite?

The Interco Swamp Lite ATV tire continues the tradition of Interco off-road performance tires. The Swamp Lite ATV tire, available in a 6-ply rating, raises the standard of excellence in mud, snow, and hard-pack.

What kind of tire is swamp Lite ATV?

The Swamp Lite ATV tire, available in a 6-ply rating, raises the standard of excellence in mud, snow, and hard-pack. The Interco Swamp Lite ATV Tire has a distinctive design that is packed with features that contribute to an excellent, versatile performance and lighter ground disturbance then many tires with lesser capabilities.

What makes Interco Super Swamper a good brand?

The Interco Super Swamper brand comes across as a serious brand that cares about the satisfaction of customers before their profit. This is seen in their varied tire designs and how often these designs reflect input from customers.

What kind of tires does Interco Tire make?

Super Swamper­­®, Bogger®, TrXus®, M16®, ETC. Interco Tire Corporation is a Louisiana based company that has evolved through three generations into a leader in the development of high performance tires used on four wheel drive light trucks and all terrain vehicles.


In the spectrum of innovative tire designs on sale in this modern era, there’s no better brand than Super Swamper. We review their models in this article because each item stands out with grace from among the vast array of tire models around the world. Their designs don’t focus on functionality without considering safety, handling, and durability; thus, every user is assured of experiencing a collective performance where all vital aspects are catered for. Our second choice from their extensive tire collection is the Interco Swamp Lite Tire for Polaris Ranger, an exceptional car tire designed for a smooth and balanced ride.

Our love for this tire is beyond words, thanks to its incredible build and excellent construction. From manufacturers, nothing short of top quality is assured. The Lite ATV tire features a rugged and robust 6-ply construction which enables the unit delivers on its promise of balance and durability. Per the demand of customers across the world, Lite TV tires are available in different car sizes, to fit different vehicles with ease. The smooth ride offered by the Lite ATV tire is made possible because the unit has a rugged lug design. This design also aids in cornering steering and stability, which are essential benefits every driver requires from their car tire.


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