HushMat Foil Door Kit with Damping Pad

What’s the weight of hushmat ultra black foil?

HushMat, the first to offer unique Ultra black foil with the same sound deadening & thermal insulation performance as the Ultra silver foil. Ultra is light weight at 0.47 pounds per square foot and is slightly less than 1/8 th inch thick (1.5mm). Ultra is super flexible and forms easily to contoured surfaces.

What kind of hushmat is used in dishwasher?

Dishwasher Quiet kit). HushMat kits are available in either Silver or Black foil. Black or Silver offer the same incredible performance. The only difference is the color. Sound absorbing and thermal insulating foam – Available in kits and also bulk sheets and bulk rolls.

How big is a hushmat sound deadening kit?

Sound deadening and thermal insulating material 1.5mm thick and 0.47 lbs per square foot & rated to 550 degrees F – available in universal kits and over 10,000 Year, Make & Model custom vehicle kits and home appliance kits (ie. Dishwasher Quiet kit). HushMat kits are available in either Silver or Black foil.

How does hushmat ultra sound deadening and thermal insulation work?

HushMat Ultra sound deadening & thermal insulation is the solution! Reduce noise & vibration > 50%. Reduce heat > 40% with one material. HushMat is manufactured in the United States of America. HushMat Ultra is ALWAYS the 1st step in sound & thermal performance.


Since 1989, HushMat has been revolutionizing the automotive game by transferring unwanted vibration into heat. The fiberglass and plastic panels that energy is normally transferred through – consequently causing unwanted vibrations – is eliminated by HushMat’s magical properties. And did we mention it reduces heat up to 40% too?

This product couldn’t be easier to install: you’ll only need scissors to cut it into the size you need. And although it sticks like crazy, the black foil can be moved around without much hassle when need be. With the wide array of features on offer, it’s no wonder that HushMat has been voted number one in the USA.


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