Hitecera Super Strong Magnetic Wristband

Which is the best magnetic wrist band for tools?

The GOOACC GRC-61 magnetic wristband has no fewer than 15 strong magnets to make sure that your screws, nails, drill bits, nuts, bolts, washers, small tools and other items remain firmly attached while you concentrate on getting on with the job.

Where can I buy the strongest magnets online?

supermagnete – Your online shop for all types of magnets. At supermagnete you can find the world’s strongest magnets at affordable prices.

Which is the strongest magnetic therapy bracelet on the market?

☑️ MagnetRX® SUPERIOR TECHNOLOGY – The strongest copper magnetic therapy bracelets on the market – containing 40 powerful rare earth neodymium magnets (3,500 gauss per magnet) for maximum results! An effective alternative medicine used for centuries to promote pain relief,…

Why are magnetic wristbands good for climbing ladders?

If you are working up a ladder then everything you need can be readily to hand on your wristband, saving you the need to descend the ladder and then climb it again a few minutes later. Accidentally dropping things, possibly onto someone passing below, is also prevented to a large extent with these magnetic wristbands.


The Hitecera Super Strong Wristband is a heavy-duty solution to the problem of keeping all your screws, nails and small tools to hand while working. This magnetic wristband has the edge over many of its competitors since the magnetic pads almost completely surround the wrist of the person wearing it, which enables it to hold everything you are likely to need for the job – firmly, securely and safely.

No need to keep stopping work to replenish your stock of screws, nails etc with the Hitecera; it can easily hold up to 70 x 2 inch nails, 60 x ¼ inch nails, 20 x 3inch wood screws, or the equivalent.


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