Highland Aluminum Straight Loading ATV Ramps

How big is a loading ramp for an ATV?

Extra-wide aluminum ramps let you load and unload an ATV, UTV, lawn mower, or other wheeled item into or out of your trailer. Arched design helps prevent low riders from bottoming out. Ramp set offers a combined weight capacity of 3,000 lbs. Arched Loading Ramp – Center Fold – Aluminum – 90" Long x 18" Wide – 1.5K

How big is an etrailer trailer loading ramp?

Arched Loading Ramp – Center Fold – Aluminum – 90" Long x 18" Wide – 1.5K Single, aluminum ramp lets you load your gear into your truck or trailer. The arched design helps to prevent low-clearance equipment from bottoming out. Folds at the center for storage. Offers a weight capacity of 1,500 lbs.

How tall are the arched steel loading ramps?

The main portion of the ramps are 84” long. The support bars that sit the tailgate add another 7”. so, each ramp weighs about 40 lbs.? And the two ramps together weigh 77 lbs.? And each ramp fol… They lay nearly flat as there is still the arched portion that will stick up. The folded height of each ramp is about 6 inches.

What are some of the best loading ramps for heavy-duty jobs?

The Reese Explore 9515833 94 in. Arched Ramp with 1500 lb. Capacity is a great loading ramp for heavy-duty jobs. The load capacity of the arched ramp is 1500 lb. These Reese Explore ramps come in a pack of two and each measure 12 in. x 94 in.


The manufacturers at Highland and ATVers everywhere share one resounding goal: to make loading and unloading vehicles a simpler process. That’s why Highland have released their Aluminum Straight Loading Ramps which will change your loading process forever. To start off, these ramps being rust and corrosion resistant is undoubtedly just a few of the qualities that generates confidence in Highland’s ramps as well as their long-lasting durability. Manufacturers are so confident of their ramps’ success that they back them with a one-year warranty: although we aren’t that surprised given their confirmed strength.

Customers have several things to say, yet mostly concerning the unbeatable price of these ramps when compared with similar high-quality products. Their other unparalleled quality is the safety straps. Not only do they give their user some peace of mind due to their security, these straps hook up extremely well to both the latch ring on your back seats or the eyelets present on the sides of trailers. If you’re looking to save some of your hard-earned cash, then these beauties will do the trick.

Loading Ramp Kits at Lowes.com

for pricing and availability. 1. Highland. 700-lb Capacity Loading Ramp Kit. Model #1100100. Erickson 750 lb Aluminum Ramp Plate 1/4-in Deck Plate 2-in.

How Much Weight Can A 2×10 Ramp Hold

The hitch on Michael’s truck has a max gross weight of only 5,000 lbs and … Highland Aluminum Straight Loading Ramps are designed for easier …


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