Hi-Gear EZ Emissions Pass & Catalytic Converter Cleaner

What can I put in my catalytic converter to clear it up?

Adding one gallon of lacquer thinner to ten gallons of gas at your next refuel may also be effective clearing out catalytic converter deposits. You can try either of these methods in combination with the Italian Tune-Up method.

Is the catalytic converter bad for the environment?

A catalytic converter is a device that is part of your vehicle’s exhaust emission control system. The internal combustion engine produces a lot of toxic pollutants and gases after its air and fuel mixture is ignited in the chamber. If these harmful elements were to make their way outside, it would be harmful to people and the environment.

Which is the best catalytic converter exhaust treatment?

DURA LUBE Severe Catalytic and Exhaust Treatment is designed to treat your catalytic converter from oil poisons.

What kind of test should I do on my catalytic converter?

That’s necessary to detect catalyst efficiency accurately. A good mechanic might test by using a scope to diagnose the oxygen sensors or do a vacuum test or backpressure test, and just charge you a fee for the diagnostic service so that you can decide what you want to do as far as repairs are concerned. So what do you do?


This product from Hi-Gear is designed to do exactly what it says on the can, which is tackle horsepower loss, improve efficiency, and reduce emissions of noxious gases. It cleans fuel systems injectors, combustion chambers, pistons, and valves. It also prevents vehicles from emitting that notorious rotten egg smell. 

This catalytic converter cleaner efficiently tackles hard starts, lost acceleration, and rough idling. This is not a product packed with bells and whistles, however. It has, for example, no ability to work with anything but gas engines – no cross compatibility here. What it does have is the cleaning power derived from a carefully formulated recipe that Hi-Gear has produced in collaboration with a number of vehicle manufacturers. This is not technically an OEM product, but it is about as close to one as you can get without actually being one.

There are no multipack options here either. You buy one can, you pour it into the tank and let it do its job. This product is ultimately very simple and very straightforward. But it is also designed to be extremely effective. That, to us at least, seems like a fair trade off.


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