HeroBeam LED Lantern


Light can be a big issue when out camping at night, and that applies to car camping too. No, it is not a good idea to leave the car headlamps on, since you’ll probably only wake up to a flat battery in that instance!

Instead, you should consider picking up this innovative product from HeroBeam. It is a combination of lantern and flashlight, designed to give the best of both worlds. Stand it upright and open it like a lantern for a stable, single position light source. Close it up, flip it through 90 degrees and now you can use it as a flashlight for convenient, on the move lighting.

It is powerful too, able to push out up to 300 LUMENS. Add in the fact it is less than four inches long in collapsed mode and it is small and easy to transport too, perfect for car camping.

One other thing to note with this product is the fact it is very power hungry, requiring no less than three AA batteries to operate. Because of this, it is an idea to stock up on a lot of spare batteries before you head out.


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