Hammerhead HLMT130

How do you make a hammerhead shark craft?

3) Cut out dark blue body, light blue body, dark blue tail, light blue tail and fins, 1 red mouth, 1 set of teeth and 2 eyes. 4) Assemble your shark and glue the pieces together. 5) Mount the shark on another piece of cardstock or hang on a bulletin board.

What can you do with the hammer heads program?

The Hammer Heads Program is a skill and employment-based training program within the construction industry offering apprenticeship career opportunities to the youth of under-resourced neighbourhoods in our communities.

Where do you get a hammer head in Minecraft?

Hammer Head is an material item type added by Tinkers’ Construct. Hammer Heads can be crafted at the Stencil Table or poured into the Hammer Head Cast at a Smeltery. Hammer Heads can also be found in a Village blacksmiths chest. These are essential to crafting a Hammer at a Tool Forge.

What kind of ships are the hammerhead class?

One of the most successful warship designs in galactic history, the Hammerhead -class would still see use in sector defense forces millennia after its introduction and would inspire many later ship designs, such as the Thranta -class corvette and MC140 Scythe -class main battle cruiser. The bridge of a Hammerhead -class cruiser.


If you hate replacing batteries on gadgets all the time, give laser meters with rechargeable batteries a try. The Hammerhead HLMT130 is a great choice as it can be charged via USB port, plus it provides all the basic functions a DIYer may need.

This compact model measures up to 130 feet with accuracy up to 1/8 inch. Thanks to its three modes of operation, it’s super-simple to use. It also helps it has an LCD display that is easy to read. The features – length, area, and continuous measurements – may be basic but are all most people and DIYers need anyway. Now, for the most interesting part – the HLMT130 has an integrated lithium rechargeable battery as well as micro USB port, meaning you can recharge it pretty much anywhere you go.

This is a very small, compact device that easily fits in a shirt pocket, making it ideal for interior decorators, real estate agents and of course folks who do a lot of projects around the house.


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