Grit Performance Super Duty Trunk Cargo Net

What do you need to know about grit guard?

Grit Guard® also developed a 5 gallon car wash bucket and lid, as well as a dolly, for the Autogeek, complete with our logo. All these items combine to make the Autogeek 5 Gallon Wash System with the Grit Guard Insert, a convenient, all-inclusive package for safe car washing.

Is there a cargo net for the trunk?

Whether you own a car, van, truck or SUV, this cargo net can safely and conveniently organize your trunk and storage area, which further ensures that the interior of your vehicle is as organized as pleasant as can be. For maximum efficiency as well as convenience, this cargo net features three different pockets.

What kind of shorts does Sgt grit wear?

Whether you’re working out as part of your PT regimen to stay in shape or just want to keep comfortable when it’s hot outside, SGT GRIT can provide you a pair of U.S. Marine Corps shorts that will show your devil dogs pride.

Which is the best brand of trunk nets?

TrunkNets is a trusted brand when it comes to cargo nets. This TrunkNets product is made for Chevrolet Equinox vehicle models. It fits perfectly into the model. The price certainly beats the $50 and up dealer prices you will get for vehicle-specific cargo nets. You can use this trunk cargo net on other types of vehicles, as long as the length fits.


The Grit Performance Super Duty Bungee Cargo Net is a great option. With this bungee cargo net, you do not have to worry about the size of items you intend to secure as it is designed to hold both small and large cargo. The overall design of the cargo net features tight 4 inches by four-inch mesh squares that enable the bungee netting to ensure that small items do not fall out. The netting also has the adequate strength to stretch itself over large items as conveniently as possible. Users can rest assured that this is a durable and quality contraption. With 5mm of bungee webbing, it is one of the thickest cargo nets on the market. Based on this alone, it can easily hold a lot down even under the most tumultuous conditions.


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